LORZ® is launching its brand new Lamina™ series of gig bags, featuring new designs & characters.

12mm パッド
  • LZ-G012

    12mm パッド


  • LØRZ® Lamina™ look and branding
  • 20mm luxury foam padding
  • Stylish, all weather 420D Polyester
  • Adjustable, luxury padded, comfortable backpack straps with reflective strips
  • Luxury padded carrying handle
  • Grab handle for easy pick up on the back
  • NO. 10 zipper with practical, branded fabric pullers
  • LØRZ® LaminaTM Two-Tone look
  • Silk Print LØRZ® LaminaTM branding
  • End-Pin, headstock and bridge protector in Polyester
  • Quality Nylon interior
  • Zippered A4 music pouch
  • Long, zippered neck pouch
  • Zippered, gusseted headstock pouch

Available for:

  • 1/2 (C2), 3/4 (C3) & 4/4 Classical Guitar (C4)
  • Dreadnought Guitar (DR)
  • Electric Guitar (EG)
  • Bass Guitar (BG)
  • Baritone Ukulele (UB)
  • Concert Ukulele (UC)
  • Soprano Ukulele (US)
  • Tenor Ukulele (UT)

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