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The LØRZ range is a cool, Rock’n’Roll collection of guitar apparel that offers a stunning fusion of fashion design, functionality, quality and instrument protection.

Why Lørz

Why LØRZ may be the question. And the answer is simple: It sounds good and is a homage to the company founders grandmother ‘Rosa Lørz’.


The company founder Martin Ritter in 1996, angry because of the boring gig bags on offer at that time. So he set out from a small office in the North of England to change the dull world of gig bags.

Embraced by players

Throughout the few last decades Martin Ritter has shown that his product concepts are not only accepted by musicians globally, but are also embraced by hundreds of thousands of players every day as ‘their’ choice of Gig Bag.

With LØRZ our company Ritter USA LLC continues his creative work, adapting it for the latest trends.

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